Bath Care

Let's enjoy freshness and fragrance in the shower. A soft lather that make your skin smooth, soft and long lasting fragrance on the skin with shower gel from Enchanteur. High quality of fine texture shower gel - Enriched with Moisturiser and soften y..


Range of quality French-inspired fragrances & fragrance-enhanced toiletries for the young, romantic & modern woman and Men. Enchanteur now brings to you, Enchanteur Perfumed Soap 125 gm Enticing. Now pamper yourself with the flirty fragrance ..


Awaken your senses with LUX® Aqua Sparkle. Experience a refreshing concoction of mineral salts, seaweed and sparkling fresh fragrances. Wake up to a body that looks fresh, rested and full of energy. LUXuriate in the sensation of moisturized skin with..


Discover the feeling of soft skin with nivea creme soft soap with caring almond oil and a mild scent gently cleanses your skin and prevents it from drying out. Enjoy luxuriously soft skin with the Nivea Creme Soap. Specially formulated with rich almo..


Cleanse your skin with a beauty bar that delivers 10X more moisturizers than regular soap for smoother skin. This formula with shea butter and creamy Olay lather leaves skin clean and soft. Gentle enough to use on your face, it delivers a moisturized..


A shower gel enhanced with moisturizing liquid Shea butter and fresh feeling of mint, cleanses and tones while purifying skin pores. A plant derived glucoside and mint acts as natural cleanser, which eliminates toxins from the body and provides cool..


Suitable for skin lover. Enhanced with Vitamin C , E, mineral salt and many vitamin from nature that help to nourish skin smooth, soft, radiant skin and moisturized to prevents dryness...


Yardley London continues William Yardley's 17th century tradition - creating fine luxury soaps using the freshest ingredients and fragrances inspired by nature. Enjoy the experience. Yardley London continues William Yardley 's 17th century tradition ..


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