Razor and Shaving Kit

Gillette 7 O Clock PII Razor comes with unique international track II technology, which provides for comfortable shaving each day. The unique lubrastip technology provides protection against razor burns and helps razor glide through the contours of t..


Gillette Fusion5TM ProGlide Power men’s razor features FlexBall technology. It responds to contours, getting virtually every hair. It features 5 precision blades for incredible comfort. With Gillette’s thinnest and finest blades (first 4 blades, same..


Gillette Fusion5TM men’s razor comes complete with 5 precision blades spaced closer together (vs. Mach3) for less feel of irritation and incredible comfort. This razor also has with a Precision Trimmer on the back, great for edging tough areas such a..


The Turbo Cutting Blades cut hair more easily for superior comfort with less tug and pull.*** At the same time, the long-lasting Comfort Gel Bar helps keep your MACH3 Turbo gliding across your skin with comfort. The responsive blade suspension keeps ..


Gillette Mach3 Turbo men’s razor features 3 blades for glide and comfort. With sharper, turbo cutting blades (first 2 blades), it delivers a closer shave, without all the irritation*. This razor feels better than a new disposable, even on the 10th sh..


Fast - Twin blades shave you twice with each stroke eliminating irritating pepeat strokes for a faster shave than with a double edge blade. Comfortable - The lubricating strip activates when wet, reducing pulling and skin irritation for a smoother mo..


Pamacare™ Platinum shaving brush with 100% nylon bristles helps to generate a rich and warm lather to give you the most effective and comfortable shave...


Wildstone shaving brush has very pliable & durable bristles to ensure even spreading of the cream resulting in comfortable shaving experience. Gives a smooth shaving experience and Keeps skin smooth without being harsh on the skin containing Soft..


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