Baby Care




Clinically proven to be gentle on baby's sensitive skin and scalp. Cleanses with a light lather that rinses easily. It comes in a bottle of 315 ml. Avoid contact with eyes In case of contact wash thoroughly with water. for external use only...


Cool & Cool Baby liquid soap is enriched with soothing chamomile extract, to protect and nourish baby's skin. Baby Liquid Soup contains baby lotion that gently cleanse and moisturise the skin to leave it perfectly babysoft. Formula is mild and ge..


Support any classroom and bring education to any bedroom with School Smarts ABC Alphabet chart. 17X22 inches with bright, bold and attractive lettering and beautiful pictures. Simple for children to understand and follow...


Its an Alcohol and fragrance free combo of Wet Wipes with unique easy to open lid. Non-fluorescence, Soft and moisturizing with plants extracts...


A baby’s delicate skin should be tended to with utmost care. Therefore, his/her skin care products should be chosen with as much care as possible. The Farlin Baby Soap is infused with the goodness of glycerin and coconut oil to keep your baby’s skin ..


Imagine a wisp of a kid recognizing an object both from the front and the back and identifying it to you. Don’t rub your eyes or pinch yourself – it’s the magic of the memory game that involves matching cards using one’s memory. It's fun to find matc..


Improve you little one's general growth and development the Himalaya Herbals baby massage oil 200 ml. Infused with olive oil and winter cherry extracts, this Himalaya Herbal oil will nourish, protect and soften your baby's skin. The olive oil content..


A soft and light textured daily use cream that provides nourishment and moisture to your baby's delicate skin. Olive oil nourishes and softens your baby's skin and keeps it healthy. Country Mallow provides nourishment.Regular use keeps your baby's sk..


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