Mei Xiang M9 Proportional R/C Helicopter


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You may have once heard the woomp-woomp-woomp of a helicopter flying overhead. These powerful "flying-vehicles" are also called, choppers, whirly-birds and helos. We depend on them for many things. Read on to discover all about the helicopter. We will be exploring the history of the chopper, what it is used for and much more. So let's fly to new heights and discover the world of the helicopter.

Age Group 14+
Control Type Radio Control
Country Of Manufactures China
Material Plastic, Aluminium
Model Name Proportional R/C Helicopter
Model Number M9
Primary Color Blue
Rechargable Yes
Sales Package 1 Adapter, 1 Antannae, 1 Transmitter & 1 M9 Helicopter
Type Aircraft
Remote Features
Remote Control Range 25m - 30m
Remote Control Features Ascending, Decending, Forward, Backward, Right, Left & Light
Battery Type AA
Number Of Battery Required 6

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