Rat and Insects Kill

Hit black kills flies mosquitoes: Hit black kills flies mosquitoes is a spray used to kill flies and mosquitoes to prevent any disease as a lot of young children are prone to get deceases very quickly, This Hit black kills flies mosquitoes com with a..


Now you can fight back effectively using natural products against natural insects like mosquitos. No more worries about whether the repellant is more dangerous than the insect with this natural ingredient repellant...


Remove the cap and insert the liquid vaporizer bottle into the specially designed electric heating machine. Plug in and switch on the heater. For better results close the doors and windows for 30 minutes initially. While using the vaporizer, doors an..


Keep your family protected from mosquitoes with Mortein Insta 5 (Refill) Mosquito Repellent. It fights the menace with ease, prevents from their harmful bites and ensures you get a good night's sleep...


Mortein PowerGard All Insect Killer targets both flying and crawling insects. It protects against cockroaches,mosquitoes and flies up to 2 times faster*.Its target nozzle easily reaches into nooks and corners and kills even hidden insects. It protect..


If you’ve spotted an unwanted rodent (or rodents!) in your home, use these baits to get rid of them swiftly and effectively. Designed to give you peace of mind, the baits contain a special bittering agent that helps prevent accidental consumption by ..


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