The Duchess series - Standard size stemware with a classical design for casual yet tasteful dining...


Cristal D ' Arques Whisky glass coming in lead free crystal ( Diamax technology). This product is manufactured in france and is strong, pure and bright. It is Pure, Perfect transparency,Maximum transparency index. Its also Strong , Maximum strength, ..


Contains any heavy metal compounds. This stays the same regardless of the size orthickness of the item Long lasting brightness wash after wash Dishwasher Safe and therefore more practical ineveryday lifestyles Shock resistant Diamax has a specific co..


Designed and made in France, Longchamp crystal epitomizes luxurious living. The bowls on these goblets are deeply and lavishly cut at the base into diamond bevels that refract light brilliantly. Long flame-like cuts reach for the rim, and more diamon..


Thanks to its timeless design, this glass cocktail decanter heightens the elegant presentation of your traditional beverage service. Whether you're serving fine wines or creative cocktails, this carafe fits the bill! This decanter is great for servin..


Luminarc Elegance Wine Glass D3179 With the creation of this original collection, Luminarc brings a touch of whimsy to your table...


Luminarc Hot Shot Glasses are Transparent plus Dishwaser safe with Break and chip resistant...


Luminarc is the oldest brand currently sold by arc, launched in 1948. Arc international is a French manufacturer and distributor of household goods. The company was established in arques, pas-de-Calais, where it is still headquartered, as a glass-mak..


Nachtmann has created this beautiful new line of lead crystal stemware for 2014. Available in many styles and configurations, the Imperial line is amazing either one glass at a time or on a table set with others, it makes an incredible statement. A s..


Ocean Glassware is one of Asia' s leading glassware manufacturers. Its prime focus is clear and good quality soda lime based glassware. The new retail gift packs represent a unique and refreshing image of Ocean Glassware, targeted to meet gifting nee..


180ml Duchess Cocktail Glass by Ocean, One of Asia's most successful glassware manufacturer...


The Duchess series - Standard size stemware with a classical design for casual yet tasteful dining...


Have parties in style with Ocean Glassware Ocean Plaza Shot Glasses. These glasses are the perfect size for having that shot at every party you host. Stylish and sturdy, these glasses will make sure that you can enjoy your shot to the fullest. These ..


This new material is very strong and has the sparkle of crystal. This material is very good resistant against corrosion by the aggressive dish wash detergents and can withstand 2000 cycles in a dish washer without the surface being affected. Superior..


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