Biscuits and Cookies

Britannia Milk Rusk, is a delicious medley of the finest quality wheat and an extra dose of milk. It's so delightfully crunchy & incredibly juicy that you will ask for more.Make your tea time extra delightful when you enjoy Britannia Rusks with f..


Copenhagen Assorted Cookies: Enjoy the delicious crumbly taste of assorted Danish cookies!..


Looking for a great holiday gift, look no further. The delicious Danish Dreams Butter Cookies is perfect for the holiday season. They come in a delightful Tin and help seal in freshness...


An Ipoh favourite, with a sweet and nutty flavour, perfect anytime of day, in handy individual packs...


Wide range of biscuits variety with premium selection of Semi Sweet Biscuits, Sandwiched Biscuits and Wafer Rolls. Its Processed in a facility that also processes peanut, sesame, tree nuts and nut products...


OAT 25 Ten Grains contains 25% Australian Rolled Oat blended with nine whole grains and seeds. A lovely blend of oat and multi-grains also enhances the overall appearance of the cookies and renders a nutty and wholesome taste to the palate...


A perfect biscuit to serve with tea, Rich Tea Oat biscuit serves up a delightful treat with its crunchy texture and soothing blend of milk and oat...


Chocolate Cashew Biscuits From Karachi bakery are one of the famous cookies in India. These are Chocolate flavoured Goodies with generous toppings of Cashew Nuts, made with Wheat Flour, Sugar, Cashew biys, Milk solids and Cocoa powderare baked to hav..


Krunch on our delicious crackers, baked with specially selected oats and wheat. The goodness of dark chocolate and essential nutrients gives you a hi-fibre and calcium packed krunch...


The chocolate coated marshmallow melted in vanilla cream sandwich pie containing 12 pcs of Individually packed pies/box...


Ripensa of Denmark inspires all to a Golden Moment. With its rich, filling taste and crisp bite the finest ingredients make Ripensa of Denmark the perfect fit for that special moment.Ripensa of Denmark is an assortment of cookies ranging from the cla..


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