It is made with high quality Agave (agave tequilana). You can serve it with salt, pepper, lemon or orange; and with all kinds of drinks with fruit juice. Agavita Gold Tequila. The Agavita Tequila Gold is a pale straw, earthy tequila with tastes of Ag..


A beautiful golden colour. Sweeter than the Tequila Blanco, better adapted to be drunk on the rocks. Recipes with El Viejito – Tequila Gold. More recipes. Oak, agave, cinnamon and maple are the most prominent flavours in this TEQUILA. It's distilled ..


Tequila El Viejito, a natural, 100% Blue Agave Tequila of the highest quality and taste, and the result of three generations of family experience and tradition. El Viejito Tequila Silver is made using only the finest mature Blue Agave from the highla..


Olmeca Tequila is a tequila produced in Jalisco, Mexico. Olmeca is owned by the Pernod ... 2012 by the Beverage Testing Institute. The 2011 and 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competitions awarded the Blanco gold and silver medals. A lovely authenti..


Sauza Gold tequila has a sweet aroma of caramel and cooked agave. This tequila has a sweet finish. Enjoy it on the rocks or in a margarita. Sauza Gold is an unaged mixto tequila produced using 51% agave and 49% sugar-cane spirit distillate. Caramel c..


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