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In 1894, Milton Hershey wanted everyone to enjoy his sweet treats, so he began the tradition of using simple, delicious ingredients.  Cacao trees bear fruit twice per year. When harvested, the cacao fruit, or pod, is cut open to reveal the seeds and pulp. The seeds dry and ferment for about a week and a half to become cacao beans. Roasting completes the development of the chocolate flavor. Like in coffee, the amount of time and temperature is critical to obtaining the best flavor. A chocolatier will have different roasts for different beans. The high heat also helps dry and loosen the cacao shells from the center of the bean.  This process separates the shell from the center of the bean. The beans are cracked and the light shells are vacuumed away. The small pieces of beans that are left are called nibs and are what will make the chocolate. Different kinds of nibs yield different chocolates. The nibs are ground, much like peanuts are ground to peanut butter, into unsweetened chocolate. The confectioner then picks the mixture of chocolate to create the desired flavor. HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate is made with thousands of gallons of fresh milk delivered daily from farms within 100 miles of our factory in Hershey, PA. The milk is mixed with sugar and condensed to create a taffy-like consistency before mixing it with the unsweetened chocolate. The chocolate crumb is then put through refining machines to produce a super fine powder. We also incorporate cocoa butter, which comes from pressing the fat from unsweetened chocolate.

Country of Manufactures USA
Container Type Package
Homemade No
Primary Ingredients Milk Chocolate , Cane Sugar , Cocoa Butter , Milk Fat , Lecithin , Natural Flavor , Milk , Chocolate
Type Milk Chocolate
With Nuts No
Product Details
Caloric Value 190
Storage Instructions Store in Cool Dry place

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