Chocolates and Wafers

Bournville Raisin and Nut Chocolate is irresistible and specially created to savour the palate with 50% cocoa and an ever so smooth texture, each little chunk is dark and undeniably good! The finest cocoa beans that have the perfect size and aroma go..


Cadbury silk bubbly stands for the best tasting chocolate with its appeal lying in its softness, smoothness and easier melt in the mouth...


Who doesn't love a Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk? It truly stands for the best tasting chocolate with its appeal lying in its smooth texture and riveting taste. It consists of the finest ground cocoa, along with a rich creamy texture along of the smooth ch..


Milk centre eclairs with a bigger milk centre...


Milk centre eclairs with a bigger milk centre...


Snack cake that consists of two small round layers of cake with marshmallow filling with chocolate covering. Delicious snack that you will never resist...


Premium chocolates, ideal for gifting. Multi-layered chocolate individually wrapped. The chocolate consists of a whole roasted hazelnut encased in a thin wafer shell filled with hazelnut chocolate and covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.[..


In 1894, Milton Hershey wanted everyone to enjoy his sweet treats, so he began the tradition of using simple, delicious ingredients.  Cacao trees bear fruit twice per year. When harvested, the cacao fruit, or pod, is cut open to reveal the seeds..


Reese's candy really raised the bar with this extra-large peanut butter delight. This bar tastes just like a peanut butter cup, but in an extra-large bar that will satisfy any peanut butter fan. Perfect for snacking and sharing. Smooth milk chocolate..


Founded in 1956, The Belgian Chocolate Group is a well-established manufacturer and exporter of premium chocolate products, offering high quality at attractive prices. Belgium is known for its delicious chocolates. The unique combination of the fines..


An assortment of Swiss milk chocolates, Swiss chocolates, and Swiss white chocolates with Honey and Almond Nougat - Toblerone Milk Chocolate - Smooth milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat - Toblerone Dark Chocolate - Rich dark chocolate with ho..


Unique tastes for those who would like to have fine chocolate and be happy. Discover the secret of happiness with Volume Chocolate! Be a part of this delight with delicious milk and bitter chocolates with hazelnut, almond and pistachio. Growing as it..


Lovingly handmade at low temperatures with entirely natural ingredients such as gorgeous cacao and nourishing coconut oil, these chocolates are just perfect as gifts, on your coffee table or as a beautiful treat for yourself.This chocolates can be en..


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