Vacuum Cleaner

Easy carrying handle, Speed control on body, Hose swivel 360 degree rotation, Full bag indicator, Pedal on/off switch and Automatic cord rewinder..


Easy Carrying Handle, Speed Control on Body, Hose Swivel 360º Rotation, Full Bag Indicator, Pedal On/Off Switch, Automatic Cord Reqinder...


Black & Decker ACV1205 is ergonomically designed for your car cleaning requirements. ACV1205 has a 12.5 watt motor which is highly efficient in getting rid of the dust and dirt inside your car. ACV1205 includes Crevice tool (long), Crevice tool (..


Black + Decker recognizes the customers desire to keep their home neat and tidy. Hence, Black + Decker has come up with a best cleaning tool for your home. Bid adieu to the conventional ways of cleaning, it’s time to switch to the Black + Decker vacu..


Metal telescope tube, metal brush, Speed control on body, full bag indicator, Pedal on/ off switch, automatic cord rewinder, Hose swivel 3600 rotation, Accessories compartment and 5 filter system..


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