About Us

Department stores carry a wider variety of merchandise than most stores but offer these items in separate departments within the store. These usually include ready-to-wear apparel and accessories for adults and children, yard goods and household textiles, small household wares, kitchen wares, electrical appliances and accessories, foods and many more. Gorakha Department is now one of the most trending store with large number of customers in Eastern parts of Nepal.

           Gorakha Department Store (GDS) has been operating since 2nd of Ashad, 2056 BS. Located at the heart of Itahari, it has gained almost all centralized controls of its regular customers in comparison to other local markets. GDS serves us with 5 different branches situated differently within eastern Nepal. i.e.: Itahari, Damak, Pathari, Biratchowk and recently in Dharan. GDS is a store that claims to offer everything you could ever want.

           The company offers some of the most exclusive designed products but there is also a superbrands section, helping customers get their hands on some of the most stylish names at a more reasonable price. This is a place where fashionable people love to shop. When it comes to high end fashion, GDS is the place to be but there is also a great range of cosmetics, electronics, sports, clothes, toys, liquors and even groceries from quality sectors.

            Now, Online shopping has been easy than ever and is just a footstep away. We, Gorakha Department Store, has made it possible for the customers even in the remote areas to have access to branded products at low prices online. We are constantly expanding our product range with recent fashionable and trending categories. We offer the best selection of quality products you’ll find anywhere all at your fingertips. As a wide platform, we continue to develop services, easy business and discover new opportunities anywhere.

             If you are looking for glorious retail options, Here, Gorakha Department Stores, is the place to take it easy. Remember, everyday is a shopping day in GDS Online Shopping.